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Stillweather Spirits is a family owned and operated business in the greater Portland area since 2018. Co-owners, Erin And Jeff D’Achino, make small batch, quality spirits with sophisticated flavor profiles. Stillweather Spirits embodies what it means to come together and live in the moment. Our spirits are crafted to be enjoyed as a shared experience, a celebration, or simply to pair with a beautiful sunset at the end of a long day. Our style is unapologetic, kicking aside airs, and breaking the molds that contain us. Our bright, fun, approachable branding is inspired by the beautiful sunsets from our backyard in the Happy Valley, Oregon. Unique to the market, we stand out in a crowd for our layered flavor profiles and our smooth products.


Stillweather Spirits was born out of backyard BBQ's and sunset libations with neighbors, family, and friends. Fueled by a shared passion for local flavors and premium spirits, our blue-collar backgrounds were the foundation for our dedication to quality. Hard work drives us to deliver a trusted product that shines with every sip. Jeff crafted each of our artisan, botanical spirits with the best ingredients and unique flavor profiles with our neighbors and community in mind.


We believe the craft spirits movement is about honoring the traditions and history of the past while adding a modern twist to the new age cocktail culture. Our mission is to live and work in our community utilizing our local resources to become a part of the early adopter phase of American craft spirits and grow to be a key player in the successful modernization of American craft distilleries. We are inspired by our community and our family to be a trusted brand that can provide a legacy for our family for many generations to come.