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Hideaway Distillery is a law enforcement and veteran owned business with a mission to craft Unapologetic American Whiskey while supporting fellow law enforcement families, fire service members, military veterans, and first responders with our Blue Line and Red Line whiskeys. We are a small batch distillery that crafts whiskey using Oregon oak from our family farm that was established in 1908 and iron-free water from the foothills of the Oregon Cascade Mountain Range. This creates the smooth, rich flavors found in every batch. Join us in raising a glass to our men and women in uniform.


As a law enforcement and veteran owned business, we want our distillery to serve a purpose, spread a message, and make a difference. We are passionate about giving back to those that protect our communities and their families.One of the most rewarding aspects of operating our distillery is getting to know our brothers, sisters, family and friends around the country, and doing our part to support them.

We donate a portion of our sales from our Red Line and Blue Line whiskeys to supporting law enforcement families, fire service members, military veterans, and first responders.

Our Story

The idea of a distillery was conceived as far back as 1975 when Tim Mueller, then 14 years old, found an early 1930s photograph of his grandpa, uncle, and great grandpa running a moonshine still on their farm in Tangent, Oregon. Intrigued by the photo, Tim enlisted his older cousin, who had learned the family secret from his dad, to help him build his first still and show him the ropes of making moonshine. Tim made a few runs just for fun then put the still away. Actually, he hid it in his mom’s barn…

While in the Army, stationed in Germany, Tim again dabbled in making a little moonshine for some of his Army buddies. Unfortunately, his little still was confiscated by his platoon sergeant which ended Specialist Mueller's European moonshining days for good.

Fast forward 31 years; Tim had retired from a career with the Linn County Sheriff's Office and decided he needed another venture, and of course he landed on making whiskey, only this time legally, and with much larger and professional equipment. In October 2014, Tim founded Hideaway Distillery LLC in Lebanon, Oregon. The distillery is housed in a building constructed in 1930 that was originally the Linn County Tractor Company that sold Massey Ferguson tractors and implements. We're proud to give this historic building new life as a distillery with a mission to give back.